Friday, November 24, 2006

Sellers Are Helping Buyers

The sellers are helping buyers in this real estate bonanza. This is highly cyclical in nature as is an real estate market. We happen to be in a buyer's market. This is where credit repair can be quite helpful to improve a credit score and enhance the look of a credit report. Back to the sellers helping buyers with regard to owner financing.

Owner financed real estate in the form of seller held second mortgages are back in vogue. This is only going to gain in real estate popularity among real estate agents (as the liason) and sellers (owners) and buyers (the highly sought after buyers in a buyers market). Let's not get off track here, we are talking about seller held second mortgages and this is also called owner financing.

Owner financed second mortgages are helpful along with credit restoration for free. Some people in this real estate market may have bankruptcy or charged off credit cards and this is helpful when it comes to credit repair. Perhaps a credit score (also called FICO) can be raised through a credit repair class. This should be in conjunction with seller assistance in the form of owner financing.

Seller Financed Real Estate


Blogger News & Information said...

If I didn't know any better I'd say this was a bunch of Free Credit Repair and Owner Financing hogwash.

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