Monday, October 30, 2006

Sliding down a FICO score scal of Credit Restoration

Credit restoration can take many forms. Some of the forms of credit restoration are free and some are not. The difference between free credit restoration and fre ecredit repair is similar to say the least. Of course, both of these options are preferred to a credit repair strategy that involves paying money for credit repair.

This is helpful if you are looking to improve your FICO score and this is what free credit repair is essentially all about. Let's examine this free credit repair one final time for the record.

Free credit repair is better than free credit restoration only in as much as most people don't really know what credit restoration is. Personally, I think that the people using the name credit restoration are th same people that are using the name credit repair, but there is a stigma about the terms: credit repair. This is in large part a result of the credit repair places that actually make you 'pay' for credit repair. So, all in all, credit repair is not bad if you are not paying for it and that is what free credit repair is all about.

To conclude, if you are offering free credit repair then there is no need to call it credit restoration. Will this information make a hige difference in the credit restoration/credit repair field? I seriously doubt it. Why? Because when you make something free (like free credit repair) then you won't make any money with it and how many people want to make no money?

Only the crazy people who offer free credit repair

Credit Restoration for FREE


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