Monday, October 23, 2006

Owner Financing Off The Chain

Woah there! I don't have a lot of time so I have to make this quick. All I can say is that owner financing is 'off the chain'! Yes, that's right - owner financing is going gangbusters. Now don't get this confused with owner fianancing in the form of a contract for deed, lease purchase, rent to own or the like. No I am talking about seller held second mortgages.

The seller held second mortgage loan is making it posible for a buyer to buy real estate with little money out of pocket. This is an incredible advantage in today's buyer's market. let's examine the seller held second mortgage loan for a moment. The seller financed second mortgage is diffrenet than a seller financed first mortgage. Her it is in a nutshell. owner fiancing will make it possible to allow a buyer to buy a home and real estate sales will be much faster this way.

Well, there the phone rings again and I gotta go. Sorry I can't get any more into this type of mortgage loan and seller held second mortgages will have to wait till later.

Owner Financing Properties


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Ya know, there really should be some type of standardized test like an SAT score minimum that is required for someone to write a blog. You Sir, would not pass that test! I went to your crummy Second Mortgage Held By Seller site or whatever you call it - it stinks. Get a life!

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