Friday, October 27, 2006

Mortgage Where The Seller Holds Paper

Mortgage with the seller holding paper is similar in nature to a seller held second mortgage. This is gaining in popularity in a seller held second mortgage environment. The real estate market today has numerous homes for sale and the need for a seller held mortgage (or seller holding paper) is of increasing benefit.

Let's examine the seller held second mortgage for a moment and compare it to holding paper by the seller. If the seller holds paper or holds a note, then the buyer becomes the borrower and the seller is then the lender. This seems to be the way that a transaction shoul dbe structured in this day and age. The real estate market certainly loos favorably on the seller holding paper ina real estate market such as this. When these types of deals are made then the seller is clearly helping the buyers and this is what seller helps buyer is all about. This is also a econd mortgage held by the seller.

For more information on this type of transaction or to find properties for sale on this basis then one could visist the site seller helping buyer.


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Owner Financed Property is the essence of seller held seconds and seller helping buyer is seller helps buyers

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