Monday, October 30, 2006

I say, I say, Credit Repair is Here to Stay!

I say, I say, Credit Repair is here to stay! I say, today, credit restoration is all OK!

i have this amazing credit repair story to tell. I was walking down the street and this guy wearing a credit repair hat was riding a FICO bicycle. The bicycle was painted with bad credit colors and I was just minding my own business when the guy bumped into me and yelled "charge off!".

"Charge off?" I replied.

"Yeah, charge off!" he retorted.

Well, I was just going to walk away when BLAM! He threw a credit report at me and hit me in my 30 day late!

"Ouch, you hit me in my 30-day late payment" I said.

"Experian and Vantagescore!" he replied.

We'll at this point I think you would agree with me that I was going to credit repair high tail it out of there cause this guy was half off his revolving account. So I started to walk away again and I was about halfway to the public records and almost all the way past the 7 year reporting mark when another FICO score rode in on a unicycle.

Then I started to run like an installment loan. I ran faster and faster until I was all our of tradelines. Then, just when I was allmost in the clear I woke up from this credit repair dream and was in the middle of credit score class and there was a sign on the door that said:

Free Credit Repair


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