Monday, October 30, 2006

Sliding down a FICO score scal of Credit Restoration

Credit restoration can take many forms. Some of the forms of credit restoration are free and some are not. The difference between free credit restoration and fre ecredit repair is similar to say the least. Of course, both of these options are preferred to a credit repair strategy that involves paying money for credit repair.

This is helpful if you are looking to improve your FICO score and this is what free credit repair is essentially all about. Let's examine this free credit repair one final time for the record.

Free credit repair is better than free credit restoration only in as much as most people don't really know what credit restoration is. Personally, I think that the people using the name credit restoration are th same people that are using the name credit repair, but there is a stigma about the terms: credit repair. This is in large part a result of the credit repair places that actually make you 'pay' for credit repair. So, all in all, credit repair is not bad if you are not paying for it and that is what free credit repair is all about.

To conclude, if you are offering free credit repair then there is no need to call it credit restoration. Will this information make a hige difference in the credit restoration/credit repair field? I seriously doubt it. Why? Because when you make something free (like free credit repair) then you won't make any money with it and how many people want to make no money?

Only the crazy people who offer free credit repair

Credit Restoration for FREE

I say, I say, Credit Repair is Here to Stay!

I say, I say, Credit Repair is here to stay! I say, today, credit restoration is all OK!

i have this amazing credit repair story to tell. I was walking down the street and this guy wearing a credit repair hat was riding a FICO bicycle. The bicycle was painted with bad credit colors and I was just minding my own business when the guy bumped into me and yelled "charge off!".

"Charge off?" I replied.

"Yeah, charge off!" he retorted.

Well, I was just going to walk away when BLAM! He threw a credit report at me and hit me in my 30 day late!

"Ouch, you hit me in my 30-day late payment" I said.

"Experian and Vantagescore!" he replied.

We'll at this point I think you would agree with me that I was going to credit repair high tail it out of there cause this guy was half off his revolving account. So I started to walk away again and I was about halfway to the public records and almost all the way past the 7 year reporting mark when another FICO score rode in on a unicycle.

Then I started to run like an installment loan. I ran faster and faster until I was all our of tradelines. Then, just when I was allmost in the clear I woke up from this credit repair dream and was in the middle of credit score class and there was a sign on the door that said:

Free Credit Repair

Friday, October 27, 2006

Mortgage Where The Seller Holds Paper

Mortgage with the seller holding paper is similar in nature to a seller held second mortgage. This is gaining in popularity in a seller held second mortgage environment. The real estate market today has numerous homes for sale and the need for a seller held mortgage (or seller holding paper) is of increasing benefit.

Let's examine the seller held second mortgage for a moment and compare it to holding paper by the seller. If the seller holds paper or holds a note, then the buyer becomes the borrower and the seller is then the lender. This seems to be the way that a transaction shoul dbe structured in this day and age. The real estate market certainly loos favorably on the seller holding paper ina real estate market such as this. When these types of deals are made then the seller is clearly helping the buyers and this is what seller helps buyer is all about. This is also a econd mortgage held by the seller.

For more information on this type of transaction or to find properties for sale on this basis then one could visist the site seller helping buyer.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Owner Financing Off The Chain

Woah there! I don't have a lot of time so I have to make this quick. All I can say is that owner financing is 'off the chain'! Yes, that's right - owner financing is going gangbusters. Now don't get this confused with owner fianancing in the form of a contract for deed, lease purchase, rent to own or the like. No I am talking about seller held second mortgages.

The seller held second mortgage loan is making it posible for a buyer to buy real estate with little money out of pocket. This is an incredible advantage in today's buyer's market. let's examine the seller held second mortgage loan for a moment. The seller financed second mortgage is diffrenet than a seller financed first mortgage. Her it is in a nutshell. owner fiancing will make it possible to allow a buyer to buy a home and real estate sales will be much faster this way.

Well, there the phone rings again and I gotta go. Sorry I can't get any more into this type of mortgage loan and seller held second mortgages will have to wait till later.

Owner Financing Properties

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Seller Financed or Owner Financed?

Seller Financed or Owner Financed? Is the difference merely semantic? This has been a renound real estate curiousity for some time. Granted, the difference may be a small matter to some real estate investors, but in owner financing rhetoric, it is no small matter at all.

The debate has it's begginings not in the difference between seller and owner, but rather in the connotation of financing tha results from the seller or owner being before the word financed. This is not to be confused with the difference between financing and financed or seller financing and seller financed for that matter. Allow me to continue with what may perhaps be boring to many real estate buyers and sellers, but nevertheless, if there is some benefit that will result, then by all means, let it result in this real estate quandry.

Lets, talk about a single family homw or cond conversion that was financing with a private lender through owner financing. The owner was the seller and in this case, the owner financing and the seller financing are one in the same in this real estate transaction. Perhaps you do not see a difference between sellers and owners and real estate being financed with a mortgage may be the same as real estate financed without a mortgage.

To conclude, seller financing and seller held second mortgages provide a wealth of financial sources for financing homes. This may or may not be an owner financed transaction but you can surely see that seller financing and real estate where a seller holds a second mortgage is of value.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Seller Financing or Owner Financing

Seller financing or owner financing - my oh my how times have changed. The real estate industry has turned a full 180% and now it is the buyers that are in control of real estate these days. A year ago there woul dhave been a bidding war in the driveway and the real estate home or real estate condo would have sold for more that the MLS sale's price. Today, the wauestion is asked: where have all of the buyers gone?

A million dollar home with curb appeal! Beautiful interior and exterior and flawless! Only problem is that it has been on the MLS for 3 months and no one has come to any of the real estate open houses. This makes it difficult for this particular home to sell witha traditional mortgage financing or standard loan without seller held financing. This is seller held second mortgage financing at its finest and this means that owner financing is definitely a way to get the buyers back. What can be said of owner financing when the mortgage is being done by the seller? There are many things that can be said about this type of seller held second mortgage, not the least of which is that it may not be much different than being a mortgage holder yourself. Please allow me to reiterate that a seller held second mortgage and the seller held financing and a seller second are essentially the same type of owner financing. This can become a way to bring back buyers at a time when the buyers would appreciate a seller that is willing to hold a second mortgage and this may be the way to sell your real estate condo or a single family home that may or may not be currently listed on teh MLS. This may also be a for sale by owner.

Let's discuss the seller held second mortgage and the seller financing aspect of a seller held second. The seller is in fact the mortgagee and the mortgagor is the borrower. The borrower is the buyer. This means that you will be able to find a buyer that will also be the borrower and you, the seller, would be the lender on a seller finanicng transaction.

To conclude, please check with a real estate attorney before considering a seller finanicng transaction. This should be the sellers prudent decision before making seller held second mortgages available to anyone, particularly to someone that is buying a home from you under an owner financing mortgage loan.

Seller Held Second Mortgage