Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Bad Credit

Let's talk about bad credit. There are many, many types of credit. There is good credit, moderate to good credit, and of course bad credit. If someone had bad credit then they would not have the only type of credit that exists.

Now, there are mortgage loans made to peopel with bad credit. there are also bad credit mortgage loans. the two are not entirely different and are not mutually exclusive either. There is a little criss cross between the good credit and the bad credit. this can all be shown to exist on a credit report of someone that has good credit, moderate credit and bad credit. When you combine all three then overall the person will be considered to have bad credit.

Can someone doa rapid rescore for someone that has bad credit? Yes I say and that can change them from having credit that is bad to having credit that is good. All of this is reflected in teh FICO score of the credit report of the person with bad credit. Let's take the follwoing examples:

Bad Credit Repair

Bad Credit Mortgage

Identity Theft Bad Credit

These are just some of the examples of the application fo those with bad credit. this can also occur if someone has had a bankruptcy, repossession, foreclosure, lat mortgage payment, credit card debt, judgment, and medical collections. All are symptomatic of bad credit and this is in direct opposition to someone who has good credit.

Now let's talk about someone that has a bankruptcy. There are essentially three bankruptcy bad credit discussions and I will lis them below:

bankruptcy credit repair

bankruptcy buyout

chapter 13 buyout

bankrupcty mortgage

To concluse all of this would be pointless because someone with bad credit, good credit or even moderate to good-to-bad credit would probably not have rea dthis far. Indeed a foreclosure or a bankruptcy can harm a credit report but this can be fixed with free credit repair. By the way, there is an excellent website that can assist with free credit repair and I will list it now if you are interested in credit repair. if so then get your credit repair at this credit repair website and by the way, it is free.

credit repair seminar


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